Sports Video Systems, Inc. was founded to provide quality low-cost solutions for replay, coaching and other applications of video technology in sports.

The first solution was our flagship software GotoReplay™. Its a hockey replay system sparked by a conversation in a garage our CTO Steve Sisak had with the head of officiating of the ECAC hockey league. The goal was to provide an affordable replay system for all the league. Starting with 2 schools (Harvard, Dartmouth) and the Championship Tournament, and we added 4 more schools the following year. Several years later, Sports Video Systems, Inc. has built a system that is far easier to use and widely respected by the referees who use it. Installation can be as fast as one day!

We continuously receive inquiries...

"Wish we could see the replay on that!"

"Wish I could replay and share that clip.”

"If only I could see the crowd that afternoon."

"After that play, how did the player react going to the bench?"

"How do I get clips to recruiters?"

“How do I get clips of my recruits that I want to see. Not the cherry picked ones.”

"Wish we could make a highlight reel...that was Awesome!"

"I wish I could just contact one place that could get it all done."

Installation at Harvard

We’ve since added to our team as more requests have come in.

Sports Video Systems, Inc. is built with sports people. Former college athletes, referees, sports photographers, coaches, volunteer coaches, facility operators, league directors and parents.

We are also technical! Engineers, software and hardware designers and professional installers.

We created this solution as we've been there, and got frustrated enough to solve the problem.

With a push of a button we got you covered.