Sports Video Systems, Inc. installs multiple stationary video cameras and pulls it all together with our flexible multi-view software GotoReplay™.


  • Just push 1 button to turn on
  • No operator to move a camera, no quake cams!
  • Multiple cameras means you can have every angle covered
  • See more than just the play. See the reaction of the crowd, the bench, and overhead views and so much more!

Hockey Goal Clip

Goal Review Clip

Youth Baseball Clip

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Whether you need the fastest available instant replay for a game or tournament, video capture for coaching, taking surveillance during public use events, or using them to capture the game so you don't miss your favorite.

We provide hardware and cameras, installation, integration and our own multi camera software. We can put cameras anywhere. Overhead. Sideline. Behind Goal. You name it. And we tie them all together in one software package so you can see multiple angles all at once or zoom in to just a few.

Let us know your video ideas and let us help you pull it all together. Contact us today!

We are your one stop solution provider of multiple view video camera systems. From Installation to software. Ask how Sports Video Systems, Inc. can help you with your video needs.